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Updates 10.13.1 and 11.1

PSA: Updates are important.

We just wanted to do a quick public service announcement on these critical updates, MacOS 10.13.1 and iOS 11.1, released on Halloween for devices we support. Too often it’s very easy to ignore these because we are using our device, but as each year progresses the challenges of keeping devices secure intensifies. You can see all major tech firms security updates have increased in frequency, and if you like to read release notes like I do — you’d notice they are getting longer and longer. You can read more about these specific Apple updates here for 10.13.1, here for 11.1, and about the security specific changes here.

My personal favorite and somewhat recently famous.

My favorite and the most popular recent exploit was regarding Wi-Fi. You know, that magical RF fairy dust that connects us all and has become downright critical in today’s age. If you haven’t seen in the news, there has been some critical flaws unearthed in Wi-Fi authentication and published by KU Leuven students. Basically, when your device asks to join your network that you already have saved in your collection then it usually has no problem remembering and giving the password to connect on your behalf. What you might not know is that each time you reconnect again to that Wi-Fi network it does this super cool 4-way handshake each time to make sure all is tight in the wireless neighborhood. The students who published, Mathy Vanhoef and Frank Piessens, found out how this 14 year old handshake is super out of style and letting in some bad stuff in between you and your device. Using this flaw someone can start taking small pieces of your data and figure out how to gain access to even more that you may not want getting out such as passwords.

What you can do to protect.

Hackers love a good fight, so be sure to update to keep your device clean. Taking a few moments to backup your device and do the upgrade can give you device separation anxiety. However, the piece of mind is well worth it. All our clients’ respective devices that we manage have already been updated, and we’ve prompted them to restart and install by the time you are reading this post. That’s the really cool feature of our service offering for businesses, so please reach out to us for how you can better manage your Wi-Fi and updates:

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iOS 10



Today Apple released the latest version of iOS (10) to the public. It’s a free upgrade for compatible devices. This article will reveal which devices, what’s new in iOS 10, and how to upgrade. This major upgrade to the software will be available for the following devices iPod Touch 6th generation and the following:

iPhone iPad
iPhone 6s iPad Pro 12.9 inch
iPhone 6s Plus iPad Pro 9.7 inch
iPhone 6 iPad Air 2
iPhone 6 Plus iPad Air
iPhone SE iPad 4th generation
iPhone 5s iPad mini 4
iPhone 5c iPad mini 3/td>
iPhone 5 iPad mini 2

What’s new in iOS 10

Now you can finally delete built-in apps you don’t use. That seems to be one of the most requested items of the past.

You can hand write messages, change how messages look, send “hidden” messages, add animations for things worth celebrating, tapback quick responses, send stickers, tap to replace words with emojis, leverage message apps without leaving iMessage, and customize your video messages.

Siri can do more heavy lifting with 3rd party apps such as booking a ride with Lyft or sending money via Square Cash. Maps can book reservations, search along your route to the restaurant, and make suggestions to get there faster than before. Music and News get a whole new look with iOS 10.

The new Home app gives you a centralize place to control your home automation. This can help automate common behaviors, have Siri assist, and even share access to friends and family. All the home automation you need in one place.

Raise your iPhone to wake it up then on compatible devices leverage touch and go functionality to get a quick glance. Notifications on the lock screen now include a new rich view along with the ability to respond without opening an app. Your iPhone is also getting even better with predicting your text and handling multilingual typing.

Video Source:

How to upgrade to iOS 10

  1. Make sure all your current apps have updated for compatibility.
  2. Backup your device using iCloud or iTunes!
  3. Plug into your Mac or PC and use iTunes to download and upgrade (recommended). You can also join Wifi and got to Settings > General > Software update, but some folks had issues with over-the-air updates.
  4. If you aren’t prompted to upgrade in iTunes make sure it is updated to at least version 12.5.1, or try selecting your device and clicking update.
  5. Enter your passcode if prompted and sit back and wait.
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iOS 9 New Feature Roundup


On September 16th iOS 9 was sent into the wild via over-the-air or iTunes update. Right away users started to notice the update size is much smaller than iOS 8 by around 3.5 times. This made the update process fairly easy for everyone who was prepared. Of course if you haven’t updated yet we always recommend a backup to iCloud or iTunes before getting started. Let’s get started with the roundup by exploring what’s really new in iOS 9 instead of finding out there is no emoji for flipping the bird.

The most obvious thing folks have noticed is the new San Francisco font that Apple switched to with iOS 9. The biggest response on Twitter #iOS9 seems to be related to Siri’s beep no longer is heard during accidental presses during inappropriate times. Of course with the new comes the new bugs, yet  the outcries haven’t been so bad.

New & Improved Apps at your disposal.

Where do you go to get news on what’s new? Apple has added a new app for that called Neios-9-newsws built for your device. You can pick from multiple sources and the app will funnel everything to you in a sleek interface. The more you use it the better it understands your likes and updates your feed to reflect it over time.

iCloud Drive is finally navigable across all devices with it’s new file system update and app you can add to the home screen to help. Meanwhile Wallet is getting fatter with plenty of new cards coming.

Make a note of it in the improved Notes app that now allows checklists, photos, and even a sketch with your finger. You can attach things to your notes and find them all in a special browser. Of course you can sync with iCloud to get your devices on the same page with those new checklists.

While out and about checking those boxes you can now use Maps for transit, what’s nearby, and even give you a faster route if it becomes available if you are driving. An overdue overhaul that finally brings the features everyone expects from mobile directions.

Power struggles and selfies are different now.

ios-9-powerYour iOS device is even more responsive with the addition of Metal. In addition Apple states user can benefit with 1 more additional hour of battery life. This was accomplished by streamlining key components of iOS 9 and adding a new feature to enable a low power mode. With this new power users can take even more selfies with new album dedicated for it.

Security in an unsafe world.

Now you can strengthen the already locked down iOS by moving from a 4 to 6 digit passcode. Making the encryption even harder to break for those who are trying to access your device. A good idea in this day and age along with two-factor authentication to keep prying eyes out of your cloud and devices.

What’s that Siri, you finally made friends with Cortana?ios-9-siri-cortana

Siri got even more useful with a tighter integration with suggestions that a personal assistant would make or know. She has some new flare to share with end users such as color waves, snappy new lines, and new sources of information. Now she can help with unknown callers before you even ask her or help you pickup on your favorite playlist. Want to pick this up later? Just tell Siri she’s got your back. She’s even proactive about it just looking at a flight email unlocks easy access to details to even add it to your calendar. Siri has been upgraded to rockstar status.

iPad users rejoice then split down the middle.

Multitasking is here with picture in picture, split screen, and slide overs. Reference a page while typing up a synopsis, pop your messages over to quickly respond to a text, and watch the ball game when your suppose to be reading your email. Just mix and match the possibilities that work for you then speed things up even more with shortcuts with QuickType on the keyboard.

iTunes Update

Of course an iTunes update is needed to suppose iOS 9 and tacks on some fixes to address minor bugs. Those security enhancements we discussed earlier also come in to play with this update.

Ditch the Droid

Now switchers can easily move information from their Android device to the iPhone. Very similar ios-9-appto how Apple’s migration assistant transferred terabytes and terabytes of user data from Windows. Need a nudge? Let’s make it easier to move devices.

iOS 9 isn’t OS X

Overall the update primarily seems to be cosmetic, but peeling back reveals it’s more systematic. Polishing the face, enhancing the use, and streamlining the flow of information is exciting; however, there does seem to be a lot of the same. With new products like iPad Pro and iPhone 6s leading the way I expect the gap will narrow further between iOS and OS. It’s still okay that iOS 9 feels familiar when the experience remains positive. I expect the naysayers will be in full force, but so far 24 hours into it I am not one of them. Go backup and download iOS 9 now it’s worth it.

iCloud, iOS, iPad, Siri, iTunes, and QuickType are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. All Right Reserved.
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After nearly a decade of working in the tech business I’ve seen my fair share of apps come and go. It’s not very often that an app brings something so valuable while maintaining simplicity. Living in our data driven society it’s valuable to have what’s important to you available at a glance. Numerous is able to provide this feature by integrating with many data feeds, and by them adding limitless APIs through IFTTT and Zapier the possibilities are vast. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite tiles.


Working from left to right and top to bottom these are my main focus tiles at the moment. You can easily move them around as you see fit, and setup is a snap. My most difficult tile is the top left mileage tracking which utilizes my Automatic and IFTTT that was pre-existing. I simply just had to create my own tile and point IFTTT to Numerous to use that square. I changed the background to reflect the tile for a clear message. Clicking on the tile shows the history and a quick rotate of your device gives you a historic graph. You can change views and share the data via message, air drop, email, social media, and more.


Some more tiles I choose were related to gaining insight into my business, Start On Technology help me stay on top of our web traffic. It addition it helps with our social media presence and personal details like weather and stocks. Feel free to browse their channels on the numerous site for ideas.

If you need help getting started with Numerous, IFTTT, or are interested in Automatic for your business we can help automate your world. Just contact us for details.

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Daylite 5 Review


New Features of Daylite 5 by device

Daylite 5 iOS App

Daylite-5-ReviewDaylite and iOS integration was the focus here with a complete redesign for iOS 7. Centralized search on the homepage of the iOS app that works a lot easier and faster than before. Duplicate tasks, objectives, contacts, and appointments to make new objects. Background refresh with the proper settings keeps you always up-to-date when Daylite opens. Improved reminders keep you up-to-date.

Daylite 5 Mac App



Right away you will notice the overall aesthetics have improved on the desktop version too. The enhanced calendar and home screen are perfect examples of the new look. With an improved sidebar that allows you to rearrange lists and create folders, your Daylite is kept clean and organized. Moreover, you can hide the sidebar for improved focus and easily duplicate a list or smart list.

Activity View

This is my favorite feature upgrade because it makes going back in time a snap. There is now improved searching, and a scroll along without load times. Hovering above the timeline tells you your exact point in space and time.

Insight View

This gives you a snapshot into your business activity inside Daylite. Hover to see the details and dig deeper by clicking to filter items. You can save your search creations as a smart list and see all applicable objects. The exploration possibilities are endless.

Daylite-5-ReviewDaylite Mail Assistant

You can edit contacts inside Mail for the first time ever, and achieve an even faster way to Daylite with a click option. No more copy & paste while moving between applications. See and make the changes you need all right from the comfort of Mail.

Repeating Tasks, Finally.

Enough said on this one! I think it was the overall masses that got this new feature dedicated to them.


There is an improved interface for upgrading to point releases with ease. Just be sure to sync and backup before proceeding.

Why Daylite 5?

If you are an all Mac and iOS based outfit and you need a centralized place to store your contacts with project management features then Daylite has your back. Offline or online it doesn’t matter. There exists zero dependability on whether your service provider is able to assure you have Internet access. Your data is not dependent on the cloud. This means Daylite is always there by your side to enter a new business contact, create a new opportunity, and grow into a project. Moreover, new developments resulting in free industry packs gives a starting or disorganized business a fresh start and example groundwork.

When you get stuck there are resources out there such as videos, manuals, email support, and Daylite Experts such as myself who can aid in setup, customizing, development, and support with a personal touch.

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Final Thoughts

With recent changes to their website, software, and experts program, it’s clear Marketcircle wishes to stay a dynamic business in the Mac software community. Daylite is my posted note, so my ideas easily flow into my projects or opportunities, and collaboration happens easier among employees and managers while maintaining privacy when needed. This gives your business real-time data when processes are defined and employees have proper training in Daylite. Overall the improvements are cosmetic at first appearance, but the reality is the software is much improved smoothing out the operation and making all devices more consistent.


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iPhone 5 Review

iPhone 5 - Rear

Rumors about the iPhone 5 had been building since before the 4S model made its way to consumers. After much anticipation, it was officially released from the Apple vault during their media event on September 12th, 2012.  Apple’s competition has stepped up its game since the original iPhone stormed the market, offering innovation that challenges the iOS way of life. So, the iPhone 5 already has a lot to live up to and hurdles to overcome. Many critics feel the iPhone has gone soft with in its latest iteration. This isn’t necessarily the case, but as we all know the consumers will make the ultimate decision as to the phone’s post-Steve Jobs future.

What is new?

iPhone 5 is thinner, faster, and stronger than the previous model. It rolls out with the much-anticipated iOS 6 software and comes with a new 4″ retina display to enjoy all its new features on. Stretching out the screen allows for a 5th row of icons, allowing for app-hoarding on fewer pages. All the computing power comes from the new Apple A6 antenna chips, which allow iPhone to run various bands around the world. Most importantly, the LTE networks and 2.4/5Ghz N wireless allow for faster downloading. Finally, the iPhone’s camera receives new lenses and more compact technology. In my humble opinion, it’s nothing worth trampling over a few people in a mad dash to the apple store, but I’m certain the lines will still be long on the 21st.

What’s missing?

To compare, let’s look at two major innovations others have included in smart phones: Near Field Communications (NFC) and screen size. NFC has been a hot topic for features like “pay by tap” or the ability to share information across devices. Using NFC for purchases is a new concept to many and not widely seen, though many competitors have the functionality built in. Even those that have the functionality available have not been able to ditch their wallets. Passbook seems to be a close feature, and there are plenty of apps that allow users to share pictures, files, and more. However,  the feature is not built in for NFC functionality at all.

The second biggest question is about the screen size and, once again, the competition has them beat with larger screens. The longer 4″ screen on the iPhone 5 is an improvement, but many feel it is not enough. Form dictates functionality and the variables are hard to measure. Has Apple made the right decision for us or are they limiting the options? Android phones come in many shapes and flavors to accommodate all user types, but this is a hard point to get anyone to agree on.

Final Results

With the launch over, the iPhone 5 appears to be an overall success, but I found most were only upgrading if they were eligible for an upgrade, unlike previous models where the consumer shelled out the extra cash just to have it. Is this a sign of the times or a lack of excitement? The media portrays an Apple that has lost its edge (not just the new stylistic rounded edges). Damage reports from the folks over at iFixit reveal the iPhone 5 scratches easier than its predecessors. In drop tests it fared better when pinned against the Samsung Galaxy S3, according to Andriod Authority. If you want to keep any device pristine than buy a case and don’t hand it over to a three year old without a waterproof high impact case.

My final verdict is that the iPhone 5 does have some exciting new features, and those eligible for an upgrade or looking for an unlockable iPhone can justify the cost. Keep in mind iOS 6 is available to prior models so check out the features on our iOS 6 review for current iPhone holders.

Apple, iPhone, and iOS are trademarks of Apple, Inc. Galaxy S is a trademark of Samsung.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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iOS 6 Review

What’s new with iOS 6?

It’s easy to get turn-by-turn navigational assistance from Siri, but a rash of wrong map directions and missing features can make you wonder why you  suddenly feel the need for more than just your iPhone. Don’t let it get to you, though. Just sit back, relax, and ask Siri about your favorite sports team and where to watch the game; complain about it using iOS 6’s built-in Facebook updates; or tweet about it to release some frustration. What might really come in handy is a passbook ticket to Castries, Saint Lucia, where you can capture some awesome panoramic shots for your shared photo streams. There, calls from the office can be ignored with the Do Not Disturb phone feature or a custom photo message reply of a medley of palm trees. In fact, there are plenty of new and updated toys – from the Facetime to Find My Friends features – on the iPhone5. And no, you don’t have to be in St. Lucia to use them, though I recommend giving it a try. Talk about the accessibility features, Chinese features, and new store updates.


Still listed as Beta. I’m glad it’s getting some updates. Siri can now tell you about sports, update your Facebook or Twitter, launch an app, reserve  a table at the latest trendy restaurant, and help you end your evening with tickets to a movie.


There is a lot of controversy over this new feature. All prior iOS devices had Google’s mapping software built in, but this new version is from Apple, TomTom, and more. Accuracy and an ability to actually get you somewhere are expectations of any map, but so far the experience has fallen short of Apple’s design perfectionism. No official response has been made to the user outcry, but they have posted a featured section in the app store linking to other map apps.


Consolidation, simplicity, and minimalism are responses to lack of Near Field Communication (NFC) here. All your membership cards, coupons, event tickets, and boarding passes can be stored in one app. Some have complained about errors when attempting to load the app store link, but right out of the gate this new app has been very popular, which hypothetically could be causing app store woes.

FaceTime and Phone

Now you can use FaceTime over your cellular data plan – 3G for the  3GS, 4 and 4S models; and LTE with the iPhone 5. Service providers have had mixed results with AT&T, which blocks it unless you have a shared data plan. Verizon is also happy to charge you with any overages and not fight the FCC. This app is great for getting in touch with someone who is down a phone and has an iPad around. With a retina display you can clearly see who is calling in on your video chat and choose to ignore it or not. You can reply with a text, send a caller straight to voicemail, or set a reminder instead of taking the call.

Safari, Sharing, and Accessibility

Take your browsing to the cloud; start on one device and move to the next. You can, for instance, move entire web pages to your reading list for offline viewing, instead. However you decide to approach a site,  when you are ready you can easily go full screen to focus on your task or zoom in on specifics; or retain a normal size to share what you find on Twitter or Facebook. For those with attention management problems or anyone assisting students with disabilities, you will find new features to reinforce focus by disabling the home button until a teacher overrides it. Finally, iOS 6 offers updates to VoiceOver and AssistiveTouch.

Find My iPhone, My Friends, and share a Photostream

Looking for someone or something? A new lost mode for your iPad or iPhone can send a message while you continue to track it in lockdown mode, which requires a password. After it’s back in your hands – and you’re $50 poorer after gifting a good Samaritan – go ahead and find your friends’ set alerts when they finally leave work to head over. That way you can prepare your  Shared Photostream of panoramas and send them to your Apple TV for a party, where you’re likely to take some new ones that can be added instantly.

Siri, Safari, iPhone, FaceTime, Passbook, Apple TV, iPad, and iOS are trademarks of Apple, Inc.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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The commotion over Apple’s shift from Google Maps to a homegrown application – what’s been referred to as the “Great Apple Maps Debacle of 2012” – is sending many consumers scrambling for an alternative. In fact, there’s a special section in the app store for finding mapping applications. Options abound, but we managed to dig up a free one that’s fun to use and super accurate about real-time traffic data; It’s called Waze.

Waze users create social profiles that update road statues continuously during a drive. The app then takes this information and consolidates it to warn users about  traffic-clogging accidents, speed traps, and other pitfalls so that they safely remain en route and on time. Just by running the app, Waze gathers traffic data and adjusts other users’ estimated times of arrival. Users can also personally alert others of problems they encounter by sharing events – from bumper-to-bumper traffic to accidents – pictorially. Drivers use voice command options to avoid the same mishaps that come from texting and driving. If issues with directions or missing streets come up, you can report them or pave a new way, too, and the team at Waze will update it along with the community. The more on board with Waze users are, the better the experience will be for everyone, so keep your car chargers ready and stay connected throughout your drives. You will help Waze create an organic and truly community-generated mapping system.


Here is a map from my iPad showing live traffic feedback from downtown Miami. You can spot the other drivers by their wazer icons, report issues, and navigate. Check out the guided tour from, leave your comments, download it on the App Store, and look for version 3.5 soon.