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Daylite 6.2: Now with Teams

It’s no secret that we here at Start On Technology are big fans of Daylite.  A well-thought-out CRM, Daylite allows for seamless access of business-critical info across all employee Apple devices.  These data types include contacts, calendars, tasks, opportunities, projects, emails, and notes.  If you’re worried about sensitive documents, you can set up custom permissions for any items in the database.  Looking for a unified view of company-wide email history?  That feature is a Daylite staple.

Just last week, app developer Marketcircle released version 6.2.  They ironed out some nagging bugs and cleaned up the UI, making a mostly smooth experience even smoother.  With one of these tweaks, a small but powerful layout has quickly found itself as our new default: the Team View.

Team View screenshot
This screenshot shows the default setting for Team View, which shows your entire team scrolling sideways.

What does Team View offer?

Newcomers and veterans alike will enjoy the power and flexible this feature has to offer.  As seen in the above picture, Team View allows you to gain a bird’s eye view of all employees and what their week looks like.  Want to compare only a few staff members?  Custom team views can be created in the preferences section, as well as by clicking the “Everyone” toggle.  Want to send a company-wide email, schedule a meeting with everyone, or view the entire company’s appointments stacked?  Look to the quick-access buttons at the top of the window.

The quick-access buttons
The quick-access buttons

Another detail are the ellipses (“…”) at the end of each employee’s name.  Any action that is chosen from this menu will ensure that it is linked to the corresponding employee.

Clicking the ellipses in Daylite

Client feedback shows that Daylite users are taking better control of their work.  Accountability is better and workflows are more robust.  Sliding deadlines are kept in check with a unified view.  Just a glance is enough to put overdue items in context with the current workload.  This allows for more level-headed planning for everyone.  Having a heads up on what’s coming for the next few days can help prevent tunnel vision, over-thinking, and underestimating schedule demands.

In conclusion, Daylite has never been a more compelling option to bring up your team’s productivity.  Current users, please let us know how Daylite and Team View have helped you out.  If you have yet to try Daylite, we strongly recommend checking out the free trial provided at this link.

If you are interested in transitioning to Daylite, or improving current workflow, we’re here for you.  Check out our contact page to set up an introductory meeting via telephone or Zoom meeting.  We also provide other services.

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Daylite 5 Review


New Features of Daylite 5 by device

Daylite 5 iOS App

Daylite-5-ReviewDaylite and iOS integration was the focus here with a complete redesign for iOS 7. Centralized search on the homepage of the iOS app that works a lot easier and faster than before. Duplicate tasks, objectives, contacts, and appointments to make new objects. Background refresh with the proper settings keeps you always up-to-date when Daylite opens. Improved reminders keep you up-to-date.

Daylite 5 Mac App



Right away you will notice the overall aesthetics have improved on the desktop version too. The enhanced calendar and home screen are perfect examples of the new look. With an improved sidebar that allows you to rearrange lists and create folders, your Daylite is kept clean and organized. Moreover, you can hide the sidebar for improved focus and easily duplicate a list or smart list.

Activity View

This is my favorite feature upgrade because it makes going back in time a snap. There is now improved searching, and a scroll along without load times. Hovering above the timeline tells you your exact point in space and time.

Insight View

This gives you a snapshot into your business activity inside Daylite. Hover to see the details and dig deeper by clicking to filter items. You can save your search creations as a smart list and see all applicable objects. The exploration possibilities are endless.

Daylite-5-ReviewDaylite Mail Assistant

You can edit contacts inside Mail for the first time ever, and achieve an even faster way to Daylite with a click option. No more copy & paste while moving between applications. See and make the changes you need all right from the comfort of Mail.

Repeating Tasks, Finally.

Enough said on this one! I think it was the overall masses that got this new feature dedicated to them.


There is an improved interface for upgrading to point releases with ease. Just be sure to sync and backup before proceeding.

Why Daylite 5?

If you are an all Mac and iOS based outfit and you need a centralized place to store your contacts with project management features then Daylite has your back. Offline or online it doesn’t matter. There exists zero dependability on whether your service provider is able to assure you have Internet access. Your data is not dependent on the cloud. This means Daylite is always there by your side to enter a new business contact, create a new opportunity, and grow into a project. Moreover, new developments resulting in free industry packs gives a starting or disorganized business a fresh start and example groundwork.

When you get stuck there are resources out there such as videos, manuals, email support, and Daylite Experts such as myself who can aid in setup, customizing, development, and support with a personal touch.

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Final Thoughts

With recent changes to their website, software, and experts program, it’s clear Marketcircle wishes to stay a dynamic business in the Mac software community. Daylite is my posted note, so my ideas easily flow into my projects or opportunities, and collaboration happens easier among employees and managers while maintaining privacy when needed. This gives your business real-time data when processes are defined and employees have proper training in Daylite. Overall the improvements are cosmetic at first appearance, but the reality is the software is much improved smoothing out the operation and making all devices more consistent.


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Daylite 4 Review

daylite 4 review

When Marketcircle announced, Daylite 4 a thorough redesign of Daylite, its popular Mac and iOS CRM solution software, it promised to address a number of issues users encountered in previous incarnations. That is not to say Daylite 3 was a faulty tool; in fact, it was a powerful one that I would personally recommend to clients. What Marketcircle has achieved is a more user-friendly interface that promises to enlarge its circle of users by requiring less training to use properly. Here is our Daylite 4 Review.

daylite 4 review

The learning curves for previous versions of Daylite have always been high, which turned off some potential users and prevented others from being able to use the software to its fullest extent. Daylite 4 has successfully made things easier. Its new interface is more synonymous with the Mac brand, known for being streamlined, clean, and attractive. Right when you log on, you’ll be able to see notes, memos, and information regarding upcoming appointments or deadlines. By scrolling over these homescreen icons, you’ll be awarded more detailed information, eliminating the need to open multiple tabs just to make a few changes.

daylite 4 review

Another of the enhanced features Daylite 4 offers is an updated version of its calendar system. Now, users can import and control their personal and family calendars within the system. This makes it easier to schedule appointments without double booking due to a wedding or birthday, or some other event unrelated to your business. Calendars are also now able to link with more information and, as I can’t stress enough, in a more user-friendly fashion.

daylite 4 review

Speaking of linking, longtime Daylite users will know the advantages this system has always offered. Daylite 4 takes the idea a step further, allowing for a more intuitive use of the linking system and including additional types of information that can be linked to one another. These include accounts, appointments, notes, contact information, etc.

daylite 4 review

Daylite 4 has just as many enhancements under the hood as it does in its interface. Included CalDAV and CardDAV servers allow Daylite accounts to link to portable and handheld devices like the iPhone. That means you can have our loveable Siri book or update appointments straight into Daylite. This is just another example of how useful linking a piece of software to the iCloud can be.

Marketcircle has come up with an excellent package in this latest software version. If you’re running a business on your own or have up to about 50 employees, Daylite 4 will keep you organized and on track. Though this is a more user-friendly version, there is still a learning curve, so don’t expect to get it all down right away. If you have any questions on how to operate Daylite 4 – from installation to advanced usage – feel free to contact us at Start On Technology. We’re happy to help.