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Introduction to Daylite

Daylite 6  is a Mac and iOS app for those businesses that are looking for software that tracks prospective customers, current projects, tasks, employees, resources, and communications in a multi-user, multi-device environment. With strong integration in Apple’s Mail app you can easily add a prospect that contacts you by email and make a task for follow-up and an opportunity to track your business’s ability to close the deal. Once you close you can then move into project mode and delegate tasks to employees and allow managers to easily track your business progress, customer history, and performance at a quick glance on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone giving your business the edge it needs to succeed.

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New Features for Daylite 6


Flexible Task Lists

Group your tasks into lists by whatever way you want. When working with tasks in a project or opportunity, you can sort them into separate lists that make it easy to group and prioritize what you have to do. Just drag and drop to re-order. You can even take your task lists with you on your iPhone and iPad to rearrange or add new tasks to a list on the go.

Smart Filtering for Tasks

Quickly sort your to-dos by team member, Category, or by Keyword with the new Smart Filter bar. You can use this whether you’re viewing to-dos within a Project, Opportunity, or a general Task list. Any Keywords used to tag the tasks will appear next to the filter bar so you can simply click on a Keyword to apply a filter.

Faster Task Editing

Tasks have a brand new look. Now all the details of a task appear to the right, the same way contact details appear. Tasks are always in edit mode so you can quickly adjust a due date or add in extra details as you move through a list of tasks. Jump right to the details of a task by hitting the tab key as you move through your list.


Calendar Year View

Get an overview of your schedule for the whole year. The Year View Calendar is colour coded so you can see at-a-glance what days are busy. Days with nothing scheduled appear white, sort-of busy days are yellow, and really busy days are red. Select a day to see a list of tasks, appointments, and projects on that day. Double click to open the day and get a closer look.

Mini Calendar

Check your schedule from the Daylite sidebar while working in another area of the app. Spreading out your tasks? Flip through months on your calendar in the sidebar while you prioritize your tasks or projects. Move around tasks and appointments by dragging and dropping them onto the Mini Calendar. No matter where you are in the app you can jump to a specific date just by double clicking on a date in the Mini Calendar.


  • More Informative Pipelines
  • Opportunity & Project Highlights
  • Call or FaceTime from your Mac
  • iWork 13 Pages, Keynotes & Numbers Support
  • Open Addresses in Maps
  • Quick Link Buttons
  • Multiple File & Reference Linking
  • More Activity Set Fields
  • Bulk Edit Preferences
  • New Polished Look


  • Today Widget
  • Filtering on the Go
  • Link Files & Photos
  • Edit Categories, Keywords, Roles & Relationships
  • Edit Notifications & Invites

Additional information

System Requirements

Daylite Server Admin: *A stationary desktop Mac to act as your Daylite Server. Mac OS X Lion (version 10.7.4 or higher). Mac computer with 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 processor or higher. 1 GB RAM and minimum 200 MB hard-disk space. Hard-disk space requirements may vary depending on the size of your database. 1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution. A high-speed network connection for sharing databases via LAN or WAN. Internet access – DSL/Broadband/Cable 1mb (or higher) up/download speed (highly recommended). Daylite: Mac OS X Lion (version 10.7.4 or higher). Please note that we do not support networked Mac OS X user accounts. Mac computer with 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 processor or higher. Daylite Mail Assistant (DMA): Mac OS X Lion (version 10.7.4 or higher). Daylite 5 or higher. Apple Mail 5.x or higher. Daylite for iPhone and iPad: iPhone or iPad running iOS 7.x (or higher).


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