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Personalized Training

Our staff includes two Mac trainers with almost a decade of experience. Training geared towards your needs can really make you more productive. We can help set a strong foundation, streamline or re-invent your existing knowledge of computers.

Repair & Upgrades

Having problems with your Mac? We can help diagnose it, get the quality parts you need, and perform a top-notch repair. If you need more memory (RAM), solid-state (SSD), or just a tune-up… get in touch! You can either arrange to drop your Mac off at  our location, or we can discuss picking up the unit for an additional charge.

Wifi & Network Analysis

Our network expertise can help eliminate pesky or annoying wireless problems along with examining your network setup. We have access to the right equipment to help repair problems or upgrade your signal. Our tools help examine nearby signals and provide a report on the entire network design. You can learn more about options here.

Backups & Data Recovery

Your data is too important to lose, so we always insist our customers have at least one solution. We offer cloud solutions such as Backblaze and external drives for Time Machine. If you find yourself needing data off a failing drive we may be able to help. We have a “no data recovered – no charge policy,” and we have partners who can help exhaust all our options to get the data back to you.

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