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At Start On Technology we bring technology solutions to small businesses locally and across the globe to companies who depend on us. Thanks to the very technologies we support it is possible for us to bring our Apple Help Desk almost anywhere to anyone. Together we can troubleshoot problems, give professional advice on best practices to protect your infrastructure, train your employees for a more efficient workforce, and design technology solutions around your current needs.

We start by answering your inquiry, and setup a call to start to better understand your business needs and your team.  This starts the ball rolling in the Discovery Phase which is all about finding the best fit solution that meets your budget. Once we both have a clear understanding of the project we can execute it, but often times we first need to move into the Analysis Phase. Oftentimes we need to further analyze the technical issue, current hardware, or develop a plan of attack to feed the need while minimizing disruptions to the business. Then with the analysis complete we can start the project by entering the Execution Phase. Now we are digging in and getting our hands dirty by completing the work performed in a test environment. This way we can move to the Feedback Phase and see what you think about the work and make changes sometimes this is done on the fly. Final Implementation makes everything live and ready to go.

Experienced Consultants

Trust your business to our experienced professionals. We are Apple Consultant Network members and hold certifications in pro apps and as support professionals. We spend time at conferences to stay up-to-date on current solutions and new possibilities available. Our strategic partnerships give us access to parts, equipment, and licenses needed to maintain your business.



Open Minded

We don’t fixate on just one solution we push to sell instead we know of many that we monitor. Our network of clients share their experiences, and our job as consultants is to keep score based on performance and ease-of-use specific to industry. We instead have a conversation that moves toward finding the right fit and stick around to see it through to final implementation.

Apple Help Desk Solutions

Here are some of the solutions we have strong experience with from past projects. This isn’t all we do, but hopefully helps you to see our role.

Procurement & Setup

As a channel partner we can work closely with Apple’s business teams online and in the local store to get you what you need for a price that meets your budget. Our advisement on which Macs or devices to purchase can make a major difference in the longevity of the product and the solution. We’d be happy to setup a meeting with your local business team, or get in touch with the online store at no charge. Then we can step in and get everything setup for you, get your employees trained, and get them working on the latest and greatest technology.

CRM for the Mac: Daylite

It truly is the backbone of our business since inception, and we rely every day on Daylite to help manage our customers or clients. Beyond that Daylite can help us with managing opportunities and projects too. Collaboration and delegation across teams or employees is a snap, and with our expertise and guidance we can help get you setup on the best CRM for the Mac. With properly trained users you will start to experience a more productive workforce and easier tracking of progress.

Data Recovery

Our no data, no charge policy, excludes any shipping charges, but it means we aren’t here to take advantage of a delicate situation. Many of our competitors rather send you to one of the most expensive solutions, so they can be hands off and collect commissions. Instead we take a hands-on approach to help guide you. We understand how stressful missing important can be and how much of an impact it can be to your business. Here is our process:

  1. We run a scan overnight to see the condition of the drive and if we can recover the data without having to send it away.
  2. We share the results of our diagnostics and scanning with you to help you understand the situation.
  3. We provide options and when necessary we involve specialists to get your data back.

This first two steps are completed within 24-48 hours, excluding weekends, and when drives must be sent away it will take approximately 3 weeks. Expedited shipping and priority are optional and incur an additional charges.

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