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Notes on the Apple Special Event September 2017

Many of our friends, family, and customers alike were effected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Consider what you can do to help. You can learn more at Hand in Hand 2017. Since many don’t have power or internet we decided to put together our notes to share our excitement:

Steve Jobs Tribute

Welcoming with an inspiring quote from Steve Jobs to officially open the Steve Jobs Theatre. Tim takes the stage to reflect on Steve. His greatest gift being his company founding and ability to unlock others abilities. Apple Park was Steve’s vision for the future. It’s fitting the master of showmanship and design gets recognition.

Apple Store: redux

Continuing to open stores, now town squares, to and for communities around the globe. Of course centered around the products, yet inviting to fill their walls. With many people finding themselves inside an Apple Store at some point it always has been a natural place to get help, learn together, and connect. Go learn what a Creative Pro does or

Sneak peeks about 5th Avenue, building restoration in Paris, a theatre in Milan, and restoring Carnegie Library in DC. Chicago’s Michigan Avenue gets a new location too. Find your local store for an enriching experience.

Series iii

Apple Watch gets the features we all have been waiting to do on our wrists. Meanwhile with new heart sensor technology and studies will help all watch users be informed.

i) LTE unleashes you from the phone. Stream music, read chats, or take a call all from the Apple Watch.

ii) Same size as before with a dual-core processor on your wrist. Swimmers can rejoice on the water proofing while climbers can measure their altitude.

iii) Siri can talk with you via the watch. Just like Star Trek had hoped for us.

4K all the way

Apple TV gets a boost by adding 4K and A10X chip, same as the iPad Pro, in two model 32GB and 64GB. Content to follow in the app store at the same price as HD content. Now adding Live Sports for fans out there and news to stay informed.

8; 8 Plus

iPhone 8 & Plus announced with the most durable glass with microscopic seal. Inside you’ll find an A11 Bionic six-core machine learning chip. All new sensors in the 12 MP camera paired with the new IPS take more portraits with new lighting features. These phones are built for Augmented Reality right from the factory.

X at XLI

10 is a milestone for the 41 year old company and a reference to Steve’s legacy and obviously the iPhone. This strikes a heart cord with all fan boys, former & current employees, die-hard customers and anyone who studied marketing. Before this phone was even a thought the rumor sites had been guessing at it so long they got some facts right. Yet, it shows how important it was for Apple to be settling into their new home, new products, and reflecting on their achievements. Instead of infinity screens, a more realistic device with an improved screen emerged. Hard to believe they can keep making better technology in small water and dust tight packages with an OLED HDR 5.8″ screen that covers edge to edge. Forcing a bunch of sensors to gather and shrink into the TrueDepth camera system gives it a futurist edge. With words like neural engine this A11 Bionic chip brings six-cores to power machine learning. All this happening behind the scene gives a new unlock feature using your beautiful face as the key. If you don’t believe you are in the future you can now you can take better selfies and send animated Emoji’s with your face. If you still don’t, wait for AR to prove it.

Wireless forever

Wireless charging based on Qi standard, demoed via AirPower charging pad (to be released next year). That’s all we know on that item for now.

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