About Start On Technology

Meet our team, see our integrity, and come back for the support.

Everyone knows the power inherent in new technology, but few have the skills to master technology. In a wild frontier of SaaS, NAS, Mountain Lions, and Kerberos it can be difficult to navigate for the uninitiated, but with the right set of tools and know how it can be managed with ease. We encourage you to Start On the Technology path and let us guide you; the one that makes technology work for you at work, on the road, and at home. We drive technology, teach technology, design technology, empower technology, and we definitely Start On Technology.

Our Mission is to provide all our customers with a unique experience in technology that leaves them knowledgeable not left in the dark, highly respected while providing support for delicate issues, and overall satisfaction with our level of support.

It’s a fact, not a marketing term.

We are proud certified members of the community. Our membership to the Apple Consultants Network is our core while we continue to expand our team’s knowledge. All team members attend a bootcamp, regularly stay updated on software in the pipeline, and continue intense training to stay ahead of the digital curve.